Did you switch to the iPhone from a Windows phone and miss that type of home screen?
Do you want to try out the Windows operating system?
Well this weeks app allows you to keep the speed and ease of use of the iPhone while using the Windows operating system!
It’s called “Metroon”. There is a paid version ($1.50) and a free version. They are from two different developers and there are no noticeable drawbacks of the free app.
With the free version you can also choose the Android OS as well!
With this app you can easily switch back and forth between the Windows operating system and the normal Apple iOS. The only difference we found in the two apps was how to get back to the Apple iOS. With the paid version you just hit the home button and with the free version you hit the “Desktop” icon.
There is a link below with a description of the paid version which is almost exactly the same as the free version.

These different OS’ seem to run very smooth and we highly recommend you at least check them out.
They are very easy to get to. Just go to
-Seach (on the bottom)
-Type “Metroon”
The first one is $1.50 and the second is free.

If you choose the free version and like it then please consider going back to the app on Cydia and donating. Most developers that work with Cydia do so based on donations alone and we commend that. We don’t think you should have to pay for any app. You should get the chance to download it, try it out and CHOOSE to pay for it.

- Metroon Demonstration