Android Lock Screen:

Ever wish your lock screen looked like the Android instead of the boring Apple lock screen? Well this is how you do it!
1. Open Cydia
2. Manage
3. Sources
4. Edit
5. Add
6. Type:
7. Click “Add Anyway”
8. Search
9. Type: androidlock xt
10. There will be two (or more) choices, one is paid and one is free
11. Install
12. Confirm

Now you have Androidlock XT installed on your phone! Now just go to Settings and Androidlock XT to configure your settings. Just some of the things you can do are:

Turn it on and off
Use both the Android lock and then the Apple lock
Make the Android lock invisible so you can’t even see the dots
Set max number of attempts before wiping the phone

As usual if you have any questions about this app or anything else just write us! Thanks