Speed Intensifier Add-on

So this one is really just a piggyback off a previous App of the Week “Speed Intensifier”. While Speed Intensifier speeds up the animation between opening, closing and switching apps, the Add-On will actually speed up your apps and processes by overclocking your processor to a still safe speed. Apple purposefully underclocked your device to save battery life, we’re just turning it up a little.

Installing it is the same instructions for Speed Intensifier, add the Insanelyi repo (Cydia, Manage, Sources, Edit, Add, repo.insanelyi.com) and then search for Speed Intensifier and choose the Add-on.

After you install this you will have to activate it in Winterboard (turn on “Overclock”) which will either be on your Spring board (home page) or in your settings.

Watch your battery after installing this app, if you are not happy with battery life then simply turn it off in Winterboard or uninstall it via Cydia.