When it comes to a warranty it doesn’t get much better then a LIFETIME warranty! The only thing that could make for a better warranty is if it were free. Here at Electronics into Cash that is exactly what we offer. In order to receive our warranty you need only purchase a phone from us, that’s it! No need to pay anything additional to receive the warranty.

We will cover any part on any iPhone that is bought from us for only $15. You pay for shipping to us and the $15 flat fee and we cover the replacement parts, the labor and the return shipping. Most phones can be repaired and mailed back to you the same day. All repairs take priority and are done professionally. We know you don’t want to be without your phone for any longer then you have to be. Also ask us about our loaner phone program.

Here is a list of commonly broke (and some not so common) parts on iPhones
-Glass Screen
-LCD (Under the glass, this part shows the picture)
-The LCD for the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 is $35 to replace. This is the ONLY exception to the $15 for any part rule.
-Top Speaker (The one you listen to during a phone call)
-Bottom Speaker (When you put the phone on speaker you should hear this one)
-Volume Buttons
-Vibrate Button
-Power Button
-Home Button
-Proximity Sensor (the phone should go black during a phone call when the phone is put to your face)
-Cracked back
-Head phones not working
-Charging port

All software fixes and updates are completely FREE!

Things that are not covered:
-Lost/Stolen (However under our “Help” page you will see instructions on how we can help and give you a discount)
-Motherboard damage (this can be due to the phone being run over, cracked in half, cooked or otherwise allowed to overheat)
-Water Damage
Water damaged phones can be sent back to us for inspection. If the motherboard has gone bad then the phone can not be repaired. But often times the mother board can be taken out and placed inside of a good working donor phone. These are dealt with on a case to case basis.
Note: if you do drop your phone in water please do NOT try to turn it on. Just place it in a zip-lock bag full of rice and send it back to us. We understand that this is a huge inconvenience but this is the best way to save the phone and you a lot of money.